A Major Problem with the Fitness Industry

Let’s talk about looks in the fitness industry. Are they important, of course! You should look like you practice what you preach. Does this mean you have to have 3% body fat…uhm no! If you are a woman and your body fat drops below 10% you are stepping into VERY dangerous waters. Does this mean you HAVE to have a six pack, I sure as hell do not and I know I look like I workout and know more about fitness than 99% of the people who do have six packs because well six packs are greatly affected by your genetics, my genetics favor a flat stomach, NOT sculpted abs 365 days a year.⠀

Looks can be deceiving. Someone can look the part but not act the part or study the part. When looking for a potential coach, someone you ultimately are trusting the ONE body you have been given you need to take looks as one piece to the puzzle and look at the lifestyle they live. Is their diet 90% fast food? Do they get waisted every other day? Do they know the names of the muscle they flex (trust me i’ve heard some crazy shit…like thats not your whole quad dude, that “tear drop” is part of your quads but really is the vastus medialis). Where do they get their knowledge from? From the bros? or from the scientists who research exercise physiology to make OUR lives as fitness professionals easier? The guys who find out the information that goes in textbooks or the guys that just believe whatever a label promotes?⠀

Be careful who you trust with your body! You only get one, so don’t screw it up!⠀
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12 thoughts on “A Major Problem with the Fitness Industry

  1. I LOVE working out. It is my therapy. But I’ve had to steer clear from social media that deals with fitness because it messes with my mind. In no way shape or form should I be comparing my fitness journey and my body to someone on IG.


    1. Agreed!!!! Its becoming a problem so much so theyve done studies on how the social media fitspos are affecting women and they all come up with results saying increased eating disorders, body dysmorphia, etc. it breaks my heart!

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  2. I totally agree! I am getting my certification for personal training. My goal is to help people get healthy and get a good exercise program first. I have gone down the road of unrealistic and dangerous fitness goals. Its not worth it! And it doesn’t work! The more I have been researching the more I realize that the “fitsbo” industry is the same if not worse than the modeling industry. Those bikini competitions are horrifying. I have done research on them(being asked to be part of one) The terrible side affects and the extreme low calorie intake has on your body is very damaging to your metabolism and your health. Sorry I could go on forever.😝


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