What is EBP? Why is it important?

Let’s talk about Evidence Based Practice (EBP). What is it? EBP “is the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of the individual client. It means integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research.”⠀

How does this pertain to fitness? Somewhere a long the line genetically gifted people who have no issues putting aside their moral beliefs for a nice pay check decided to say fuck EBP and go with whatever is going to make larger sums of money despite the harm it could potentially cause the people who fall for the gimmicks. I get it, business is business, but there really ought to be a line people are willing to not cross, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the human body. Whether you realize it or not exercise greatly affects our body, not just in our external physical appearance, but internally as well. You go to a doctor because they have a medical degree, you see a physical therapist because they have their DPT, so why do you go to a “personal trainer” who just has genetics going for them and doesn’t even have a CPT. Just because something works for that person does NOT mean it’s going to work for you. We are all DIFFERENT in our own ways, those differences should be tackled in a way that REAL science (fuck bro science) supports, in a way that’s not going to have you pulling muscles left and right, constantly feeling beat up, creating hormonal imbalances, and the list goes on. Next time you seek fitness advice, I challenge you to find out about their level of education about the human body and how it responds to exercise.⠀

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