You are your Biggest Excuse

Last month I finally decided to stop using school (I never use work) as an excuse to not make it to the gym and get my workout in. You know what happened? The week I declared that, a million and one extra obstacles (i.e. a term paper, quizzes, an exam, 2 assignments) all popped up in one week! ⠀

When you declare that you will no longer be using your specific excuse as an excuse isn’t it funny how all of the sudden that excuse is magnified whether it be extra school work, extra work hours, your kids getting sick, emergency vet bills, household appliances break, your car breaks down, whatever it is….extra obstacles are created. Making it easier for you to continue using it as an excuse, but this is where you need to dig deep and realize it’s life testing the commitment you made to yourself.⠀

There will ALWAYS be something to make excuses for, your life can always get harder, but what separates the goal achievers from the wannabes are the ones who are conscious about the excuses they make and do NOT let them get in the way of your goals.⠀

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