Wedding Details

I am a huge believers in details.  I believe that even the smallest of details make a world of a difference.

Unfortunately, if you’re a bride, chances are your day is flying by so fast, you’re being told to get to a million different places, you’re stuck in a room all day trying to avoid your groom (especially if the wedding is in your mothers house), and when it’s finally time to come out it’s either for the first look or the ceremony and then the night takes you by a storm so details are not really seen until afterwards in the pictures.  I am so grateful our photographer Alan Phillip  captured every little bit of missed details.  We were so nervous because we had forgotten to let him know we really wanted detail shots, but like everything else he did the day, he went above and beyond and got every shot we wanted on his own.  I’ll be telling you all more about him in the next few blogs.

Anyways, on to the details themselves.  Every flower arrangement was designed by my aunt and put together by a team of family members.  All of my moms antiques and decorative plates (from her collection, the families collect, and her friends collection) were all intricately placed and used throughout the house as you can see by the photos below.  Even the candles were placed on her fine candle holders.  The pine trees all had their lights, and even our table chart was elaborately decorated with lights and snowflakes, that later converted to the autograph picture frame for our guests to sign.

As you can see even the smallest of details, made the entire look come together.  Even though, if you’re a bride you may only be able to look at the details in photos, you’re guests that are coming for you should still be able to enjoy a beautiful visual no matter where they look.

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