Gaining 10 Pounds in 6 Days

Some Fitness Professionals think they’re above eating whatever they want on vacation, while others are like me…they go IN. I eat well most of the time so why not indulge and splurge for a week on vacation?

Be prepared though because weight gain will most likely occur if you take my route and eat what’s put in front of you.  Also realize that most of what you gain will be water and not actually fat.

Why is this?  If you regularly keep up with your water drinking and then all of the sudden cut the water intake by more than 50% your body actually will retain water.  If you also are not used to a high sodium diet, eating foods high in sodium all day every day also create bloating and water retention.  48 hours post 10 pound weight gain in 6 days and I am down 5 pounds ONLY going back to eating my normal foods and drinking my regular gallon of water a day.  Weight that goes down that quickly is not usually fat weight.  Because I know my body already, I know that I probably have 3 more pounds of water weight that I will lost this week and then into next week drop the final 1-2 pounds and get back to “normal.”

So whatever you do when you get on the scale post vacation, DO NOT PANIC!  DO NOT go into mega restrictive mode, just get back into your regular diet, water, and exercise routine.

What if you eat a poor diet on a regular basis and then going on vacation to eat more crappy foods than what your usual crappy diet consists of?  Well, chances are that weight gain may not come off as quickly…and you probably gained more fat weight than the person who usually eats healthy did while on vacation…

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