Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

By now if you’ve been following my wedding journey blogs you’ll know everything moved rather quickly for us.  In all honesty I knew I had to start looking for my dress, but I thought that was something easy, until I started talking to a few friends who told me that dresses took up to 8 months or more to arrive and then allegations are done in 3 steps.  So I panicked! Immediately I went on google made about 12 appointments at different boutiques just in case I had no luck at other boutiques.  In this blog I also touch up on finding my veil and wedding shoes!

Going into my first appointment at Brides of Florida, I was nervous and anxious.  Everyone I had spoken to told me that when you found your dress you knew, but I really didn’t believe them.  I just knew I went in with a list of what I wanted and a list of what I did not want:

I wanted:

  • Low cut, Open Back
  • Lace
  • Ivory
  • Tight Fitting all the way down
  • Straps
  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Short Veil
  • Budget Friendly Dress

I didn’t want:

  • Sleeves or strapless dress
  • mermaid gown
  • buttons
  • closed back
  • long veil
  • A dress that would not break the bank (honestly, you where the dress once, in my opinion it’s dumb to invest so much money on something you won’t ever wear again.  Plus, al of moms I know that saved their dress for their daughter, not one of them wore their moms dress)
  • A cinderella type ball gown
  • a Belt

My appointment started and I was immediately taken into a room with so many different dresses and asked about what I wanted and my budget, etc.

We started with 8 different dresses, I put the maybes aside and then we moved on to the next 8 that the stylist had picked out at her own will.

I went with my mom, and my Fiance’s mom, and I am so glad I kept it simple and chose people who wouldn’t give too many opinions.  I saw way too many brides go with their entourage and leave upset because of conflicting opinions on the dress the bride loved.  If there’s one tip I can give you, go alone or with someone who won’t ruin your moment with negative opinions.

Anyways, once I got to the next 8, I continued the same cycle of putting in the maybe’s aside and tossing out the no’s.  I got to dress #14, stepped outside onto the platform, and immediately knew it was the one.  It was the only one that took my breathe away and even caused a couple of tears to drop.

The funny thing is, the dress had more of my “did not wants” than my actual “wants,” which is why I would not recommend ordering your wedding dress online.  Go back and look at the bold, it’s everything my dress was.

The next piece of advice I have to offer, is even if you are planning to lose weight for your wedding the way I did (I wanted to lose 20 lbs and I did), order your dress a size up! When I ordered my dress at the heavier weight, even ordering the dress a size up, by the time it arrived i was 10 lbs lighter and the dress BARELY fit! Imagine had I not been able to lose the other 10 lbs?! It’s easier to make a dress smaller than bigger!

Lastly, start your journey early! my dress was supposed to arrive in  months and it arrived in 7 months.  Alterations were supposed to last one month, I had to have the third session because one side of the dress was left bigger than the other (no big deal, they fix it), and it’s not something you want to leave until last minute.  Now, when you reach the alterations realize that making your dress skin tight is unrealistic unless you plan on standing pin straight all night, but also be stern in what you want, because I noticed the seamstresses wanted to do the least amount of work and they would persuade me to not do the much needed alteration.  Stand firm, and be adamant and everything will come out perfectly.

Moving on to the veil,  I ended up choosing a swarovski cathedral veil that I rented simply because buying a veil can be another arm and a leg, and let’s be real, you use the veil once. I tried on veils that matched the dress, shorts veils, etc.  But to be honest the ones that matched the dress, in my opinion it was too much lace.  I loved the swarovski cathedral veil because it was the right amount of accent and it matched the belt that I had fallen in love with.  If you’re going to rent, you just need to be EXTRA careful to not damage it, or you’re basically screwed.

Alan Phillip Photography
Alan Phillip Photography

Your Wedding Shoes: something no one really sees, but make it to the pictures.  I set out looking for Christian Louboutins (those that know me, know I won’t go crazy over clothes, jewelry, or purses just because it doesn’t call to me.  Shoes however, where I save on everything else, I’ll invest into a good pair of shoes.) but when I went to the store looking for a silver Louboutin, none of them were ever in my size.  I’m a 10, even though it doesn’t look like it, so sometimes it’s difficult for me to find designer shoes. As you can see by the shoes in the picture, I fell in love with a Jimmy Choo.  It was probably better that way, if you own a pair of lobs, you know you where them to sit down dinners, but Jimmy Choo has never failed me in comfort, and they prevailed the day of the wedding.  I did end up changing into flip flops but it was after being on my feet for almost 7 hours between pictures, ceremony, post ceremony pictures, etc.  I put on the flip flops for the dancing.  It doesn’t matter your budget for your shoes, I chose to go crazy on the shoes vs the dress because I know the shoes I’ll wear an infinite amount  of times, but you need to start early.  I’ve heard too many horror stories from procrastinators not being able to find a shoe that they loved.  Your wedding day is YOUR day, you need to love every bit of your total look.


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