Ditch The Tea Tox

Who loves tea? I know I do. I drink green tea, ginger tea, black tea, oolong tea, peako (i think that’s how you spell it), but I don’t drink them to lose weight…. I drink them for their health benefits (I might do another post on this topic), but not necessarily for weight loss. Why? Weight loss comes down to calories in vs calories out, which is why detox teas are another scam.⠀

You don’t drink tea and magically lose weight…You might magically lose weight because you’re cutting calories while you’re doing the tea tox. ⠀

So if you’re buying teatoxes or teas because you’re looking for an easy way to lose weight…save your money. If you’re like me, keep drinking them for health benefits…just don’t add sugar, it defeats the purpose.⠀

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