5 “Super Weightloss” Products To Avoid

These days as long as you know how to market and fool people who are uneducated in health and fitness, you’ve won.  It’s a sad reality that we live in, but one of my missions is to educate people so they become more aware of scammy products.  Currently on social media here are the 5 “magic” weight loss products that are driving me INSANE

  1. Waist Trainers:  I actually made a video on my youtube channel about this product which you can watch my clicking here
  2. Sweet Sweat:  Understand that sweating extra means nothing because once you rehydrate everything you sweat out comes right back in.  For weight loss purposes you are accomplishing NOTHING.  Use the money on something else.
  3. Fit Tea, Boo Tea, Tiny Tea, etc.:  No tea is magical.  Tea should be something you enjoy, something you want to get health benefits from, and something that can enhance weight loss as long as your foundations (diet and exercise) are steady.
  4. Garcinia Cambogia:  It’s mental, you’re drinking a placebo.  Science has yet to come to an agreement on this.
  5. Superfood Detoxes:  So you drink these liquid shakes all day for 3 days and you lost 10 pounds….but you never learned how to eat healthy so 3 days later you’s gained back the 10 pounds you lost…forming a habit goes a longer way…fast is not always better

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