10 Non-Fitness Facts About Me

  1. My favorite animals are Giraffes: Why? Aside from their awkward dimensions being their most beautiful asset. Their markings are like the human finger print, no giraffe has the same markings.  They’re vegan (goals!). Giraffa camelopardalis is there scientific name which came from the ancient greeks thinking they looked like camels with a coat of a leopard.  How do I know this?  I wrote a paper on them in General Bio a few years back.  So I could go on…
  2. I’m a workaholic:  To the point where I wake up in the middle of the night with new ideas running through my mind.  My brain does not shut have an off button and  I don’t take days off.  Even when I go to the beach., outing, etc. I have to answer to clients, talk to other people I meet about what I do, or create content. Even our honeymoon I worked everyday (a little less extreme than normal, but still got my 4-6 hours a day), but hey it pays off…lierally.
  3. I think I’m still considered a newly wed:  I got married on December 17, 2016.
  4. I have 3 pets:  They’re all hairless!  1 Chinese Crested Hairless dog (secretly looking for another) and 2 Sphynx sisters we recently rescued in January. It’s a lot easier to love on them when you don’t have hair going up your nostrils.  But seriously, they’re the best they don’t shed or smell!  My cats do require more baths than my dog though…the irony
  5. My favorite color is pink:  It’s just a happy color
  6. I have a shoe problem: Christian Louboutin to be exact.  Back when I lived care free at my moms when all I did was save money to reinvest in the future because I had no serious bills to pay my once in a while splurge would be a new pair.  Since my priorities have changed however I foresee my 7 pair collection to stay at 7 for a good while and that’s 100% ok with me.
  7. I have a mug collection:  I use about 3-4 a day, but somehow I’ve ended up with over 50 mugs (and counting…oops)
  8. I should not be allowed at TJMaxx or Marshalls:  Overtime I go it’s $70-$100 on new mugs, candles, or home decor.  (new homeowner with an empty house over here)
  9. I cannot be trusted at petsmart:  I go in for food or litter and come out with new outfits every time.  They’re more styling than I am.
  10. I hate sleeping in:  I feel like it’s wasting the day.  Don’t get me wrong I believe in sleeping 6-8 hours a night but definitely no more than that.

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Sleep Deprivation and Exercise Performance

We all sleep, we all lose sleep when things get crazy, and we all feel out of whack when we do start to lose sleep.  Some of us are athletes and are demanded to train at a certain level day in and day out.  Sometimes balancing our training and personal life gets so hectic that we sacrifice sleep in order to fit everything into our boys schedules, but what happens to our athletic performance when we lose sleep?

Studies have showed that a lack of sleep in an athletes body has lead to an inability to properly metabolize glucose as well as an increase in cortisol levels.  An increase in cortisol levels comes from our body’s increase in stress levels that are induced by sleep deprivation that sometimes we don’t notice.  It can lead to an impaired memory, age-related insulin resistance, and an inability for your body to recover it’s muscles.  Lack of sleep also decreases the levels of human growth hormone.

So what does the aforementioned actually mean for an athlete?

1. Glucose and Glycogen (stored glucose) are your muscles source of energy.  For an endurance athlete being able to utilize the glucose in your muscles and liver is extra important.  Not only does sleep deprivation decrease glycogen stores but it also decreases utilization, which greatly .

2. Raised cortisol levels mess with muscle tissue and repair, which is needed to full recover from a gruesome training day.

Recap: Many athletes think diet is the most important factor in recovery and taking your training to the next level.  In  reality, diet and sleep go hand in hand if you want to recover and be able to train harder the next day.

athlete being able to store glucose and utilize it 100% in your muscles and liver is extra important.