8 Great Gifts for a Healthier Holiday

Are you like me and like to get your holiday shopping out of the way?  Have a fitness enthusiast in your life?  No idea what to give them?  I for one LOVE getting new toys to use during my workouts so maybe your friend does too!  Here are 8 different gift ideas for the health and fitness junkie in your life:

  1. Exercise Bars:  These are great because you can take them anywhere with you to workout or use them in your home to workout.  They are a decent price and come in different weight options to go best with your friends fitness level.  You can shop my favorite ones below:
  2. Battle Rope:  Have a personal trainer in your life?  Battle ropes are great because they can use them for themselves or even their clients.  Easy to store because you can use it indoor or outdoor as long as you have the hook to secure it with.  Click below to shop!
  3. Medicine Balls are another great gift for the fitness junkie in your life because like the bars they can be taken anywhere and are incredibly versatile and easy to store!  They also come in a variety of weights to fit their fitness levels.  Shop Below:
  4. Plyometric Box Jump Set:  What fitness junkie doesn’t love a good plyo session and this box set is a great piece of equipment that comes with 3 different box heights.  They can use them for step ups, jumps, switches, etc.  This is the pricier gift of the list, so definitely for that extra special fitness junkie.
  5. Kettle bells:  Like the medicine balls and exercise bars kettle bells are versatile, easy to store, and come in varied weights.
  6. Does your fitness friend love weightlifting and learning?  The Squat Bible is a great read and gift!
  7. Does your fit friend LOVE their green tea AND giraffes like me?  How adorable is this giraffe mug set?
  8. You weren’t feeling that mug?  here’s another giraffe mug that is absolutely adorable and great for the green tea or coffee lover.  sweet and simple!

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