Beauty But Beast Product Review

As a personal trainer and avid fitness enthusiast I go through Mini loop bands like crazy. Sometimes the bands lose their stretch after a few uses, they snap from over use, etc.  So recently I found these bands and they caught my attention  Not only because they’re pink and pink is my favorite color, but because they carry the breast cancer symbol.

Being curious, I wandered if it was just for show, or if they actually donate a percentage of proceeds to the cause.  They actually do!  10% of proceeds are donated to the breast cancer  foundation.

So not only are the beauty but beast bands a woman owned company, not only are the bands pink, not only are they very durable, but they support a beautiful cause!

PS this was not a paid advertisement and I make no money if you purchase these bands, but if you too want to get a booty pump for a cause: Click Here

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Resistance Band Training

Resistance bands are one of the oldest exercising tools used in both fitness and rehab that recently have also been gaining more and more popularity.

Similarly to their free weight counterparts (i.e. Dumbbells & Barbells) resistance bands provide some degree of resistance, they allow for free range of motion, and variable movement speed. Also like free weights, they provide progressive resistance (meaning resistance can be added).

Unlike free weights, resistance bands do not rely on gravity to provide resistance, they provide continuous tension, and it also become more difficult to cheat the exercises with resistance bands as momentum can to always be used to your advantage.  Another great benefit to using resistance bands is that they provide linear variable resistance meaning that as the range of motion on the bands increases, so does the level of resistance.

Aside from the aforementioned resistance bands are great because they are

  1. Cost Effective
  2. provide great total body workouts
  3. Travel Friendly
  4. Easy Storage
  5. Provide variable training
  6. No training partners needed (i.e. spotters)
  7. Can be combined with other equipment during the workout (i.e. Dumbbells and barbells for added resistance.

My favorite resistance bands on the market right now are the ones sold by bforebands because their bands are incredibly variable.  you can interchange the bands to be attached to any anchors, the doors, ankle wraps, and regular handles.  They also have lateral bands which are great for resistance leg and glute exercises!

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