Day 21: Tips for Beating Workout Procrastination

Today was supposed to be about giving tips to blogging procrastination, but I’m not a blogger, so instead, I will be giving you 5 Tips on beating workout procrastination!

  1. Get Started!  The hardest part is actually starting, but I have never met anyone who regrets starting the workout once they have finished.
  2. Get it out of the way first thing in the morning!  The same way you should do all of the hard stuff first!
  3. Think about your goals.  How bad do you want them?
  4. Are you a parent?  Be the role model you want to be for your children.   Teach them to make their health and fitness a priority by leading from the front.
  5. Do exercise that’s fun for you! If it’s not fun for you there’s less chance you’ll get it done.  For example I HATE steady state cardio, but I can enjoy Interval Training for my Cardio!

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