9 Great Audio Books To Listen To While Exercising

While some days I just want to listen to music, the majority of the time I prefer listening to audio books.  Working out and driving are the best times for me to listen to my personal development.

  1. If you’re not first you’re last: Grant Cardone
  2. The 10x Rule: Grant Cardone
  3. Be Obsessed or Be Average: Grant Cardone
  4. Relentless: Time Grover
  5. Power of Broke: Daymond John
  6. Crush It: Gary Vaynerchuk
  7. Thank you Economy:  Gary Vaynerchuk
  8. Step into your Greatness: Les Brown
  9. You are a Bad ass:  Jen Sincero

What good is physical change if it’s not accompanied by mental growth?  I challenge you to start listening to personal development during your next workout or car ride!

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