Day 28: Favorite Cheat Meal

I have 5 go to cheats/cravings

  1. Donuts from Mojo Donuts
  2. Pizza
  3. Cookies from Night Owl Cookie co
  4. Oreos, especially the blondies
  5. Doritos-Cool Ranch

The problem is that recently I got allergy tested for mildy being allergic to eggs and lactose and now all but 1 (the oreos-They’re actually vegan) of my go to cheats doesn’t make me feel like vomiting after eating it.  I can handle 1 pizza, but who eats just 1 slice?!

I’ve gotten several reassurances that some mild allergies can disappear, so I’m hoping by getting rid of eggs and lactose for a while will eventually help.

I’m curious if anyone has been in the same situation and their experiences?  Comment Below!

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