My typical daily diet

Hey guys!!

So the topic of today’s post, per request is my diet. Before starting I want to put a quick disclaimer, I am not trying to lose weight, I am eating to boost my athletic performance and this is what works FOR ME.  Every diet should be approached at an individualized level or a persons needs and activity level. For me, I usually wod 3-5 times a week, the vixen workout 1x week, at home HIIT or booty building exercises 2-3x week. So I do need more calories than the average person.

In general, I do not eat chicken, turkey, or any red meats. I eat fish once every two weeks, and when I do it is only wild caught salmon or mahi mahi. I stay away from tilapia because despite popular thoughts, it’s a pointless fish. Doesn’t really contain the same amount of omega 3s as salmon does, and most tilapia is arm grown. If you do your research, you will find that farm-grown fish have very to low to no omega 3s fatty acids on top of being synthetic. I do eat eggs 1-3 times a week, but only if they are vegetarian, free range eggs. Putting the animal lover in me aside, you really can taste the difference. They taste more pure, most likely because the hens lay their eggs in stress-free environments versus being stuck in a cage in dozen other potentially disease ridden hens/chickens. As much as I LOATHE veggies, I eat them. Why? Because your body needs the macronutrients found in them. I love all kinds of fruits, but do limit them because just like everything else, excess is no good. Fruits do contain sugars. Given, they aren’t processed sugars, but they are sugars nonetheless. I also get a lot of protein from tofu, nuts, carbs (believe it or not), quinoa, eggs, and my shakes.

Enough of the generalities my typical day looks like this:

Breakfast: Herbalife Formula 1 shake with Formula 1 sport, 1 tbsp of chia seeds, 1 tbsp flaxseed, or 1/4c buckwheat

Meal 1-3: 4oz protein, 1c carbohydrate, 1.5c veggies, source of healthy fat.

Snacks: Apple with peanut butter, banana with peanut butter, mixed berries, carrot sticks and hummus, homemade trail mix.

Dinner: healthy salad with protein source

Before bed: formula sport

Before my workouts I take Herbalife 24 prepare, with a rice cake and PB, nuts, or banana and PB. Why do I eat those foods right before my workout? They contain carbs, fat, and glycogen that my body can utilize during my workout so that it is not taking from what I consume during the day. I want to keep the frame I am at so the extra calories help.

After my workout I take Herbalife 24 Rebuild Strength and Rebuild Endurance.

I hope this post helped clarify any questions anyone may have had. Again, please feel free to message me directly for any further questions or topic suggestions. I also post pictures of my meals on my personal instagram account @Letler