Meatless Lunch Recipe

I know meatless January was a big trend in efforts of trying to get people to add more vegetables to their diet.  I personally am I vegetarian, I eat fish once a week, I eat cheese  (hate milk-don’t like the taste) a few times a month, and I eat eggs whenever I eat a cookie or cake.  The rest of the time my diet is actually plant based.  I chose to change my diet 5 years ago for moral reasons, not because one diet is healthier than the other because I believe a well balanced meat eater (aka one who eats their veggies and doesn’t consume processed meats at every meal) can be just as healthy as a well balanced vegan.

However because I am all about helping people add vegetables to their diet (believe it or not I hate veggies and I eat them because they’re good for me), I wanted to share this quick lunch recipe:

  • trader joe’s wild rice medley
  • peas
  • tomatoes
  • garlic
  • cilantro
  • oregano
  • celery salt
  • red bell pepper

I don’t track anything, so I can’t tell you the exact portions I used, but if you track your food you can definitely re-create this to your own portions

  1. boil rice, cilantro, and garlic- cook until ready
  2. in a separate pan add tomatoes, peas, and red bell peppers.  Saute with oregano and celery salt
  3. mix veggies into rice once the rice is ready
  4. serve & enjoy!

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