4 Reasons You Should Start Working Out Today

As much as the current fitness industry would like you to believe, fitness is not about perfect quads, chiseled, abs, and overall shredded physique.  Here are 4 Benefits that have absolutely nothing to do with you physique.

  1. Reduce your risk of Coronary Heart Disease:  Studies have found that not only does exercise help reduce your risk of CHD, but studies have found that in patients who have already suffered a stroke, physical activity was more effective than drug treatment.  (Not saying toss the drugs, always consult with MD, but realize you should be exercising)
  2. Improve your memory:  Aerobic exercise boosts the size of your hippocampus (responsible for memory and learning).  In women more so than man they have found that regular aerobic exercise decreases risk factor for dementia.
  3. Strengthen your Immune System:  Regular aerobic exercise boosts your immune system
  4. Increase your life span:  A study published in 2012 that contained 650,000 people found that 150 minutes total a week of moderate exercise, which is about 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week could increase your life by 3.4 years.

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