6 Tips For Staying Healthy Through The Winter Holidays

Today is October 2nd which means WE HAVE OFFICIALLY ENTERED THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!! We are 4 holidays away from 2018!  Can you believe it?! The last quarter of the year is here!  While that is exciting we all know the holidays typically means more food and unwanted pounds.  Here are 6 tips to not totally kill your year’s worth of hard work.

  1. Halloween:  Choose between the candy or the alcohol, but definitely not both.  Choose your balance, I know I’m choosing the candy because it’s really the only time of the year I bring chocolate into my household.
  2. Thanksgiving:  Personally, not my favorite holiday as a vegetarian and someone who’s not into pies.  However, if you love both I recommend choosing between seconds or dessert.  Have your dinner plate with a little bit of everything and if you aren’t feeling the desserts enjoy a smaller second plate, but if you want the dessert swap your seconds for the pie!
  3. Christmas:  In my opinion this one is BY FAR the most difficult holiday because you do not just only have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but you have all of the ugly sweater parties, office parties, and cookie exchange parties to worry about too!  For all of the events leading up the Christmas try to eat something healthy before hands so you’re less prone to over indulging.
  4. Christmas Day:  Avoid the appetizers and enjoy dinner and dessert!
  5. Christmas:  Make sure santa only eats half the cookies and minimal milk…or if you have a cat..make santa give the milk to your cat!
  6. No need to be a holiday scrooge and be the only one munching on kale at all of the events.  Just be mindful of what you eat, do not skip the workouts, and enjoy the holidays with your family!  They only come once a year!

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