The Day Of

The day of is absolute mayhem.  At least for me it was.

So many people told me the night before I’d be hit with insomnia, but that definitely was not the case.  I went to bed at 2am, but that was because I was helping with some last minute things.  The second I hit my bed, I knocked out.  While, I did not have insomnia, I did wake up 1 hour before my alarm was supposed to go off.

The other major question I kept getting was “How are you feeling?” The whole week leading up to the wedding. To be honest, I was fine all week. I didn’t feel nervous, anxious, etc.  The day of the wedding, I woke up with knots in my stomach and a pounding a heart.  I woke up seriously feeling I had gotten hit by a truck, but in a good way.

Since I woke up early, I decided to get a head start on ironing my hair.  My HMUA who I have used for a few years now and is absolutely incredible, who has worked with top names, top brands, and has won numerous bridal make up awards, for reasons that will be discussed in the next blog, had to come extra early and was on a time crunch (I’ll discuss in detail on the what went wrong blog on Monday!).  I will be linking her new site soon as it is currently under construction.  Not only does she do make up but she also does hair and she put together my look exactly how I had imagined it.

Alan Phillip Photography
Alan Phillip Photography

SO by 11am my mom and I were done and ready for the big day even though first look didn’t start until 3pm.  But no matter, because the day FLEW!

Every time I took a peak outside (I got ready in my room) there were people running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  It was nuts! When I finally decided I wanted to go outside and look around, my groom walked in, so that plan went out the door.  Before I knew it, it was time to get my ring bearer followed by myself, completely ready.

Alan Phillip Photography
My Handsome Ring Bearer

The whole week I was telling friends I wouldn’t cry.  That I would be fine.  But I lost it when I first saw Xavier, before I walked out, while I was walking out, during the ceremony, during the father daughter dance.  I was a mess, but a happy one at that.

One person I really wanted to glorify is the photographer and his husband.  He came in the middle of the mayhem and remained so calm and professional.  Without realizing it he was making my mom and I a lot more relaxed.  They were so efficient at getting all of the shots done despite being under a major time crunch.  The pictures came out breathtaking.  I lost it again when I saw them, go figure. He got shots of EVERYTHING! every detail, every happy tear, every smile, you name it!  I will definitely be using him in the future (for what, I don’t know yet, I just know that I will again) and I recommend him whole heartedly.  You can tell from the get go how his love for photography and the passion behind his pictures comes out.

Alan Phillip Photography

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To sum everything up, these are the top 3 pieces of advice I would give to any bride the day of your wedding:

  1. Breathe

2. Take things as they come and be flexible

3. Focus on you and your husband to be.  Nothing else matters.

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