Day 14: Father’s Day Gift Guide

If only dads were as easy as moms.  You go into marshalls or tjmaxx and already in April they have a selection of adorable mother’s day trinkets.  You can get your mom flowers and you’re good to go!

There are only so many ties and shirts your dad actually needs.  Some dads have hobbies like fishing and golfing that have accessories that are decently priced, but my dad enjoys shooting, test driving expensive cars, and really nice watches….all items that when you’re on a budget…it’s difficult!  My dad isn’t much of a drinker, he only likes wine, but there’s more than enough in his wine fridge.

He’s handy, but we never know what he needs until he actually starts a new home DIY.

The cute shirts that say dad only work when you’re a first time dad and he’s been one for 24 years now so he’s over that phase and definitely not about to get him a grandpa shirt because I’m not ready to put him into that phase.

Breakfast and bed never really worked because even the few times he has a day off he’s up at 7, and let’s be real….on a day off that’s ridiculous.

Dad’s are tough! So this blog challenge entry is a total fail…LOL!

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