Engagement Journey

People often refer to the overall wedding journey but neglect to acknowledge the mini journey of actually getting engaged.

  1. Our Engagement Story:  We got engaged on January 17, 2016.  A few days before he had told me to not make any plans that Sunday because he had planned a special day for us.  Having been together for almost 4 and a half years I knew s12522988_10153163626081895_7850989263653993903_nomething was up, and because I hate surprises I confronted him asked him straight up if he was going to propose.  Obviously he did everything in his power to convince be otherwise.  He even pretended to be made at me leading up to the day.  The day he planned for us started with a couples massage at a spa in coral gables, then we were originally supposed to go fly over miami beach where he was planning to propose, but the Miami weather had that event postponed.   So we skipped that and rescheduled for the following weekend, but continued to the restaurant for the dinner reservations he had made at Miami Beach.  By the time dessert rolled around
    and nothing had happened I was convinced I was wrong.  We pulled into my moms driveway go to talking, before I started walking to the door (my mom has 2 driveways.  A front entrance and a side entrance, Xavier would always park in the side to not block anyone), he pulled me aside and asked if i remembered anything about the driveway. I thought it was weird, but I told him that it was where he had told me he loved me for the first time (corny, i know) after I said that was one BOOM he got down on his knees and asked me to Marry him.  He later told me he had to improvise once his original plans were changed and we ended up celebrating our engagement a week later on the plane ride.
  2. Our Engagement Session:  Not long after we set our date, I realized we should set our engagement session so that we can have the pictures ready before the engagement party in May and the save the dates.  I called up the photographer I use for EVERYTHING!  Life events, social media content, website content, my ebooks EVERYTHING!  She is not only amazing and patient, but you can truly tell she loves what she does and that’s the best part.  She also makes you feel comfortable, which to me is so important.  If you live in miami I definitely Recommend Alina Vidal Photography.  We had our session in 2 locations.  Location #1: In my aunt backyard (my mom’s backyard was not photo ready at the time) where we took the pictures with my dog and the family dogs for our save the date photo.  Location #2: Matheson Hammocks park. I am absolutely in love with our pictures to this day and so happy we actually took them! I know so many couples that don’t.

    Funny Story: You see the ring? The day before a diamond fell out of the halo so all of the close ups up the ring had to be photoshopped.  Even funnier is we kept having the same issue with the halo and we ended up having to get a new mount and wedding band entirely, which you will see the new one we picked out in another blog later this month.

  3. Our Engagement Party:  When we set the date in January for the engagement party in May I thought it would never come, but it came so quickly.  In latin culture engagement parties really aren’t a thing, it’s more of an American tradition.  However, we decided to have one just for our families because they hadn’t all met each other and we wanted them to know each other before the wedding.  We did the engagement party at a different aunt’s house (my mom’s family helped out in every way possible).  The florist was the same aunt who did the flower arrangements for the wedding, we got those adorable cupcakes at the glassy oven in Miami and my sister drew the stick figures proposing to one another on each of the oreos.  The best thing we did was break the ice for our families and I would recommend doing the same!

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