8 Reasons You Should Never Stop Working Out

As much as it my come to shock people.  Fitness is more than a small waist, shredded abs, the perfect glutes, etc.  It is also about improving quality of life.  It may also come to a shock that we are all going to grow old some day, and there’s a big difference between being in a wheel chair and being able to walk when you’re 80.

Here are 8 reasons beyond vanity that I hope inspire you all to never stop!

  1. Increase your life span with improved cardio
  2. Reduce your risk of developing or worsening diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, and diabetes
  3. Lower Blood Pressure and Reduce Stress-Lowers risk of heart attack
  4. Better functioning nervous system
  5. Stronger bones and muscle-decrease risk of developing or of worsening osteoporosis
  6. Improved activity of daily living-get in and out of bed easier, carry your groceries, reduce risk of falling
  7. Improved metabolism
  8. Improved Flexibility

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