3 Fitness Products Every Fitness Enthusiast Should Own

There are so many fitness products on the market right now it’s so hard to distinguish which are actually useful from which are a scam.  My personal top 3 necessities are:

  1. Gallon Gear:  Because staying hydrated is an important part of overall fitness, I have found that gallon gear helps me the most.  Why?  I hate luke warm water after a while and during long school days or long days at work my gallon jug gets warm or my water bottles that keep my water cold get annoying because I have to refill a million times a day.  The great thing about gallon gear is it’s a little slip cover for the gallon jug that keeps my water cold the entire day and has a convenient pocket for my phone and keys.  They have a bunch of fun colors for people with vibrant personalities and more neutral colors for those who prefer to stay low key.  Gallon Gear Coupon Code: MELISSALgallongear banner
  2. Seat Hoody:  This is another go to product for me as I sweat like a maniac and hate that sticky feeling on my car seat and skin….plus it’s kind of gross.  What I love about seat hoody is, it’s an easy on and off, it’s machine washable, and keeps your car seat from getting nasty.  Also convenient for beach days!  Seat Hoody Coupon Code: LETLERFIT15046803_1716258232035145_6260706190234222592_n(1)
  3. Set of Dumbbells:  A set of dumbbells is also a necessity as sometimes we just can’t make it to the gym for whatever reason.  Dumbbells are so versatile they make for great at home workout equipment and take virtually no storage space.  I got my personal set on amazon! Click Here:

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