Day 6: Wedding Anniversary Plans

Ironically the first time I ever do a blog challenge, and I am actually married.  Even more of a coincidence, June 17th, is our 6 month anniversary.

For our 6 month anniversary we plan on going out for some sushi to celebrate making it through the transition period of living together for the first time…LOL!

But for our 1 year anniversary as of now the plan is to celebrate it by hitting up all of the Disney parks and possibly making it up to Giraffe Ranch near Tampa.  We haven’t solidified the plans as my husband is currently doing a professional MBA meaning he is in school all year round so we do not know if he will have classes yet on the dates we want.  The weekend after that is Christmas and then New Years.  I have done both holidays at disney world and as beautiful as it is the lines are absolute MISERY.  So fingers crossed the dates workout for us.

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