2018 Goal Tracking

Have you walked into a gym lately?  Remember what it looked like on January 1st? I haven’t had to wait for a platform, a piece of equipment, or a machine to open in weeks!  It’s a bittersweet feeling.  Sweet because I’m human and i’m selfish.  I hate waiting for what i want to use to be open and i hate fighting for machines.  Bitter because the fitness professional in me knows it’s because most people have given upon their fitness resolution.

This blog is for the ones who are about to throw in the towel.  If you are almost at your goal, snap out of the lazy funk you are ALMOST there!  If your goal seems a bit farther away.  Re-do the goal!  Break it down.  If you are 10 pounds away, 15, 20 etc.  break it in half.  Set a time goal.  Healthy, sustainable weightless occurs at .5-2lbs per week. Knowing this, set a date for when you want to hit that goal.  Most importantly, remember WHY you made that goal.

Sometimes we struggle, lose motivation, but knowing we are in the rut and making the conscious decision to get out of the rut makes all of the difference.

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