Personalized Exercise or Cookie Cutter Exercise: What’s the Difference?

On social media every “fitness guru” has a set of guides or e-books.  Aside from the fact that those “gurus” just slap exercises together and put it into an e-book and sell it to you, this blog post will be focused on the differences between these guides and a REAL and LEGITIMATE customized program.

A general fitness guide (I have my own set as well) are all cookie cutter programs.  Meaning every single person does the same set of exercises.  THAT IS OKAY.  Every single person who buy my e-books gets the same e-book, only as someone with extensive knowledge of exercise physiology I took into account not only exercise order, purpose of each exercise, and strategy behind the entire program, but also my average demographic and what their typical imbalances are.

What are skeletal and muscular imbalances?  We all have them.  They can be created by poorly programmed exercise program, by our work schedules, and how we go about our lives.  Whether we realize it or not imbalances can affect our abilities to effectively and efficiently perform an exercise.  Does this mean generalized cookie cutter plans are bad for you?

Not necessarily!  Assuming they are put together CORRECTLY and by someone who is a real exercise professional (way too many scam artists out there).  You can have killer results with them! On the flip side, they are less of an investment.

Personalized programs as opposed to generalized are recommended for everyone, but ESPECIALLY for people who

  • Have chronic pains
  • Have diagnosed medical conditions
  • Rehabbing from an injury
  • Pregnant or in the Post Partum
  • Who has no idea how to perform an exercise correctly
  • Need Guidance
  • Need Accountability
  • With very specific goals

Generalized programs are best for people who

  • Know how to perform the exercises correctly
  • Are 100% healthy in the sense that they have no medical conditions or injuries
  • Want a structured program to follow

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