For those of you who don’t know me personally, I am by definition a lacto-ovo-pesco-vegetarian.  I am going on almost 5 years and do not regret my decision at all!  I am a strong believer in doing my part in decreasing animal consumption (I am no vegan, nor do I pretend to be).  How does this relate to our wedding?

I wanted the menu to reflect my diet so we had a menu rich in veggies, salads, pasta, and a few seafood items!  If you know me, you also know my palette is incredibly picky, so when I showed up to the first tasting I was nervous! It turns out, my first tasting ended up being the only tasting as we went with chef lars catering. He managed to make food I do not ordinarily care for, amazing!! There wasn’t one thing he did not cook for us that I didn’t dream of the entire day after the tasting.  From the spinach and carrot soufflés to the papa salad, everything was exquisite.  Not only was his food divine, but his team’s presentation, professionalism, and punctuality matched the food.  Chef Lars himself even came out the night of our wedding with 2 plates for my husband and I that had a little bit everything, which I thought was so thoughtful because If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you’ll know its mayhem for the bride and groom.

As you can also see we chose to do buffet style as I have never been particularly fond of set banquet menus.  Nothing wrong with them, but because I am so picky and like options, I personally wanted my guests to enjoy options as well! I also have been to a few weddings and heard stories from other friends where they leave hungry, and to me that’s a huge no no.  Food can really make or break any party in my opinion.

Moving onto the desserts, my mom really outdid herself.  She homemade 80% of some of my favorite desserts and cookies, 15% of desserts came from our home country Dominican Republic, and the other 5% came from elsewhere.  I have always appreciated home made because you can truly taste the love behind it.  We had one giant dessert table and a few mini dessert stations throughout the house.  All beautifully decorated in Christmas spirit.  The gingerbread houses were also decorated by my mom.

The last of the food and dessert was our wedding cake.  We wanted something that was 100% edible, no cardboard layers, something that was simple, yet elegant, but also delicious.  I am Sugar Cakery delivered a dream.  To this day I get messages from people saying how delicious the cake was and how beautiful it looked.  From the snowflake details to the dulce de leech and nutella layers, everything was perfect.  We are looking forward to the 1 year anniversary piece!

Alan Phillip Photography
Alan Phillip Photography

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