Booty Belly Bootcamp

After taking May and June off of Booty Belly Bootcamps for personal reasons we are BACK!!! I am so excited to kick off this Booty Belly Bootcamp for various reasons:

  • We will be using various equipment!  Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, and more!
  • ALL levels are welcome!
  • Ladies only!
  • It only happens once a month
  • Learn different exercises that you can incorporate into your current routine
  • It’s only $10 AND you always get something fun in return!  (Tees, shaker bottles, headbands)
  • The breakdown is 10 minutes for warm up. 35 Minutes of Booty Building, 5 Minutes of Abs, and 5 Minutes for stretching

Join us!!  Register or Get all of the info HERE!

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