6 Amazing Weekend Activities That Will Help You Get Healthy

The weekend doesn’t have to be a time to be a complete glutton.  You can go out be active and it can be fun!  Here are 6 activities you can do that are fun, healthy, and active.

  1. Paddle boarding:  If you live somewhere tropic, look up some info for paddle boarding lessons!
  2. Hiking:  Hiking is great because not only are you getting a killer lower body workout in, but you don’t feel it as much because you’re focused on the breath taking views.
  3. Walk by the pier:  In Miami we have South Pointe Park, but in your area there may be another pier/beach to take a long walk on
  4. Dog Park:  Get active with your dog!  Most people spend all week working and away from their dogs.  Why not make it up to them with play time at the local dog park?
  5. Kayaking:  Take a drive down to key west or drive up to west palm for some killer kayaking views and lessons.
  6. Bike Ride:  Invest in a bike and enjoy some city views.

The weekend doesn’t have to be about getting hammered or eating anything and everything you can get your hands on.  Stay ACTIVE!

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