Spring Cleaning Episode 1

In honor of spring cleaning and next month being the 1 year anniversary closing on our first home I decided to reflect back over the next month and a half on all of our DIY projects!

If you live in Miami, you know good locations are pretty pricey compared to other cities in the US.  To make it even more difficult, my husband works in wynwood, which to be honest I am not a fan of any of the surrounding neighborhoods.  I also cringed at potentially living in Brickell or Downtown as being places relatively close.  So did he (thank God). So instead we were faced with the challenge of having to find a place that fit all of my criteria (aside from good local, good schools, etc.)

  • 3 bedrooms (1 for us, 1 for a home office, 1 for a wayyy future nursery)
  • 2.5 baths (1 for us, 1 for guests, 1 for future kids)
  • A good area for my at home gym to create content and train my local clients
  • a yard so that I didn’t have to spend half my day walking my small dog
  • a house house (I personally am not a fan of apartments or condos) and townhouses I wasn’t sure about being so close to my neighbors.

The only thing my husband cared about was that it was not more than an hour away from work.

We ended up accidentally coming across a neighborhood and falling in love with a little townhouse on a lake.  However, it needed some SERIOUS updating.  Little by little and lot of elbow grease later we have come a long way, and still have a few more major projects left to do.

The landscape was one of the first things we decided to tackle.  Our backyard was a jungle of poorly kept bromeliads, luckily the pavers were already beautifully done (just needed to be power washed.

The landscaping was done and designed by my then fiance, his mom, and his littler sister.  Once all of the landscaping was done my now husband and I went to work on the power washing,  Here’s how everything turned out!


Unfortunately I couldn’t get a true before because as much as I reminded my husband to take a before picture (i was working on one of the rooms) he forgot to I had to take a picture once they had cleared out most of the plants.  As you can see, the pavers had beautiful earth toes to them underneath all of that dirt.


Simple and sleek.  Now all of the plants have started to grow and are looking beautiful! we were also able to uncover that beautiful lemon tree and cannot wait for them to grow!

Even though this month is dedicated to our DIY’s you can still:

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