5 Foods That Claim To Be All Natural But Aren’t

We have all seen the labels that say 100% all natural, and many buy them thinking that they are because well we trust labels right?  At the end of the day the food industry is a business, sometimes they do things that aren’t in our best interest and here are 5 foods they make us believe are healthy and all natural, but aren’t.

  1. Granola Bars:  We have all bought those delicious organic, all natural granola bars thinking we were doing it right.  The problem is many of these granola bars contain artificial sweeteners and “natural” flavors.  Natural flavors is a cop out for flavors that are derived from natural sources…in a lab.
  2. Yogurts:  They have the same problem as granola bars.  TONS of artificial sweeteners, “natural” flavors, and added sugars or sugar alcohols.  (sugar alcohols aren’t so great either)
  3. Bottled Iced Tea:  Natural flavors, sugar and/or high fructose corn syrups should not be listed on the back of the label.  Green and black teas in there natural form are packed with antioxidants, but the benefits get smashed when they’re paired with sugar.
  4. Salad Dressing: If it’s not home made, read the label.  Those long 10+ ingredient labels are proof that those “all natural” salad dressings really aren’t that natural.
  5. Ice Cream:  We have seen so many new dairy free, gluten free, yady da, etc.  Ice creams pop up on the market advertising high protein, low calories, and no sugar, but they taste sweet.  Why?  They are packed with sugar alcohols (usually the ingredient that ends in “ol”)…which they are NOT natural.

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