Why I don’t do New Year Resolutions

We are now 10 days into 2016, and some people are holding strong to their resolutions, some are losing focus, and others have already given up.  Last year I can personally say I was happy to have completed 75% of my 2015 goals.  That’s right, goals.  I hate using the word resolution.  There’s really no power behind the word other than “resolving” a problem.  Usually when resolving problems people relate it to quickly solving a problem, finding a one step solution to the problem.  Goals in my opinion is a word that you can put much more meaning behind.  There are short and long term goals, some require more or less action steps then others, but if you carefully plan out your goals with mini milestones suddenly they become much more achievable.

We all know that when the new year roles around the majority of people are focused on health, fitness, and financial goals.  “This year I am going to double my income.” “This year I am going to start saving money/save more money.” “This year I am going to lose 20 pounds.” “This year I am going to stop eating chocolate.” Ok, great.  How do you plan on doing that? What makes last year different from this year in terms of not being able to follow through with your “resolutions?”

Quick disclaimer: The following is a set of generic examples and does not include every single resolution out their or the exact steps you need to take to achieve your resolution, or how I prefer, your goal!  This is 100% my opinion/advice. I am also fully aware these are only a generic 4 goals out of the millions you can make for yourself.  My goal for this blog is to inspire you to create the necessary action steps needed to reach all of your 2016 goals.

So let me start with my first example: “This year I am going to double my income.”  If you work for someone, have you thought about what you have to change in terms of work ethic and value that you are bringing to the table in order for your boss to even want to consider doubling your income?  If so, have you set weekly/monthly goals for those steps? Do you run your own business? If so, what are you going to COMMIT to doing differently this year? Have you made your weekly/monthly goals?

On to my next example: “This year I am going to start saving/save more money.” If you didn’t save last year because of a personal problem like medical issues, job issues, whatever it is.  It’s a good thing this year you get a fresh start! If you didn’t get a chance to start saving because you value the $2,000 rolex more than you value your savings account, well that sounds like a priority problems.  Look at your expenses from last year and honestly evaluate where you think you overspent or unnecessarily spent and start from there! Instead of spending you money there invest it elsewhere or save up so you can reinvest that money into something that will give you a return.

Third example and fourth example combined: “This year I am going to lose 20 pounds.” “This year I am going to stop eating chocolate.” Analyze you’re eating habits from last year.  Do you just constantly make unhealthy choices, are you a binge dieter, are you an anxious eater? First things first, be 100% authentic with yourself about why you could not reach your fitness goals last year or why you had to make this years fitness goals.  Secondly, if you’re going on a “diet” do yourself a favor and remove that word from your vocabulary. Diets are temporary, lifestyle is forever. Instead of overwhelming yourself with trying to go 100% into the healthy eating I recommend making small changes.  The following are a few examples.

  1. Switch that bag of chips for an apple with nut butter.
  2. Swap the milk chocolate for dark chocolate
  3. swap the soda for juice and slowly start cutting them out and replacing it with water
  4. make it a goal to increase your water intake
  5. switch our the white carbs for whole grain carbs
  6. swap fried with baked/grilled

Again, there are many ways for your to slowly transition into a healthier lifestyle as it usually does not happen over night.  Those are just 6 quick suggestions.

How do I keep myself accountable for my own goals? I break them down into the following categories

  1. Academic goals
  2. Athletic/Performance Goals
  3. Business Goals (a sub category for both businesses)
  4. Financial Goals
  5. Certification goals to further my knowledge and accred ability while I am working towards my BS in Exercise Science with a minor in nutrition and MS In Nutrition and Dietetics.

I get 2 sheets of paper and write down every single goal that applies to each category and then tack the 2 papers next to the door in my room so that every day I am reminded about my goals. In my agenda (Im old school) I have my weekly and monthly goals.  At the end of each month I analyze what worked, what didn’t work, how I did compared to my goals, if I surpassed my goals, and then I adjust next months goals accordingly.  I do the same thing at the end of every year and thats how I make my goals for the following year.

Now go and crush those 2016 GOALS! I wish you the most successful of years!

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