Boppy Comfy Fit Baby Carrier

BloppyBlog2So you guys know that every once in a while I take a break from my regularly schedule fitness posts and review some of my current favorite products.

Today, I really wanted to highlight my favorite product that has really been making the transition into motherhood that much easier.  As someone who’s very type A, lives off routine, and order it’s been tough because as any mom knows babies are the complete opposite of routine and order.  BloppyBlog3

The best thing to happen to me was the Boppy Comfy Baby Fit Carrier.  My daughter has loved it from day 1. I stick her in during her nap times and the carrier allows me to do pretty much everything and go wherever I need to go while keeping my daughter close and staying hands free.

Just recently I took my Boppy Comfy Fit Baby Carrier to Key West and explore shallow shores of Bahia Honda State park without the hassle of a stroller.  I also love this carrier because it is:

  • machine washable
  • soft
  • light weight
  • has a pocket that fits my phone, keys, and credit cards
  • easy to put on
  • easy to pack because it comes with it’s own travel case

BloppyBlog1If you are a mom to a baby under 35 pounds, you NEED the Boppy Comfy Fit Baby Carrier in your life.

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