What the heck is Metabolic Syndrome?

Have you ever heard the doctor tell you that you have metabolic syndrome or you are at risk to developing it, but you have no idea what is means? Well, you get classified as having metabolic syndrome if you meet one or more of the following criteria⠀
1. Males with body fat greater than 25% and Females with body fat greater than 32%⠀
2. a Waist circumference greater than 102CM (men) and greater than 88CM (women)⠀
3. LDL cholesterol greater than 135 mg/dl⠀
4. HDL cholesterol lower than 40 mg/dl (men) and 50 mg/dl (women)⠀
5. A blood glucose level greater than 100 mg/dl⠀
6. Blood Pressure greater than 130/85 mmHG⠀
7. Triglycerides greater than 150 mg/dl⠀

So if any of those sound like your recent trip to the doctors office, you should have been trying to take control of your health. BUT the good news is, it is NOT too late!⠀

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