Exercise is NOT One Size Fits All

Exercise is NOT one size fits all. Yes, I have my fitness guides, but I advertise them as general guides. I preach that they do not compare to personalized fitness, but I’m also aware that not everyone cares for personalized attention. But it’s important to note that exercise is something that should be done on a personal level. Because while our bodies are the same at their roots, life, genetics, and daily activities make your needs different compared to someone else’s needs.⠀

And please, don’t fall for the fit stars who hire people who don’t know what they’re doing to be your trainer, while they sit back and collect the bucks. Or the trainers that copy and paste programs from body building.com. Or even the ones that use the same “personalized” program for everyone.⠀

Do your HOMEWORK! and know that when you train with me on a personal level online or in person, you’re getting ME and 100% customized programs based on your goals and the results of your needs analysis.

Learn more about the best online fitness program which includes comprehensive programs focused on shifting towards healthier eating habits, staying fit, and building a better booty. You’ll also find a variety of fitness apparel to help get you that extra motivation to take your goals to another level. Contact me today to learn more about the best fitness programs available to get your body in gear.

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