Cardio beyond “leaning out”

People do cardio ALL of the time, but not everyone realizes what is happening within when you do cardio the RIGHT way. What we know as cardio is also known as aerobic exercise. ⠀

Aerobic exercise increases the capillary density within muscle fibers and increases type 1 fiber efficiency. Aerobic exercise can also improve ones ability to buffer lactate and increases oxidative enzyme activity. ⠀

In regards to your cardiopulmonary adaptations cardio stimulates an increase in stroke volume, cardiac output, and VO2 max as well as improved cardiac conduction and metabolic efficiency. Cardio should hypertrophy the left ventricle and reduce systolic blood pressure, which reduces myocardial stress and cardiopulmonary energy sparing. ⠀
Research has also shown cardiovascular exercise to increase life span and boost immune health.⠀

Biagioli, Brian D.Advanced Concepts of Strength & Fitness; Conditioning. National Council on Strength & Fitness, 2015.⠀

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