Fitness Fads Driving Me Crazy

Right now if you ask me, Keto and high protein/low carb diet are on my list as number one most annoying trend about my industry, but coming into a close second might just be waist trainers…if you maybe want to tie my hatred for waist trainers with keto, wear it while you exercise.⠀

If your trainer lets you workout with one or recommends you get one…RUN, GET YOUR MONEY BACK, AND DON’T LOOK BACK. THEYRE DUMB. #SorryNotSorry I truly blame marketers for this bullshit, but shame on you if you’re a trainer and let your clients bring harm to themselves. As a trainer you should do your research, and I mean beyond google.⠀

Reasons Why Waist Trainers are DUMB AF:⠀
1. They just relocate your organs and squeeze them together⠀
2. They mess with your breathing by pressing too tightly on your rib cage⠀
3. That “skinny” feeling when you take it off, goes away after you drink water because the change isn’t real.⠀
4. Have you ever thought to yourself your waist is shrinking because you’re choosing to eat right AND exercise? (Hint Hint)⠀
5. If you are working out with them you are basically screwing up your posture by making those muscles weaker! The waist trainer takes the job of the stabilizers by turning those muscles off. YOU WANT TO STRENGTHEN THOSE MUSCLES NOT WEAKEN THEM⠀
6. Your brain is smarter than you and you unknowingly alters the kinetic chain of an exercise to adjust for the lack of range of motion⠀
7. Did I mention they mess with your organs?⠀
8. If you lose weight, while only doing that and not changing anything else…more the likely it’s due to increased sweat which can lead to dehydration⠀
9. They don’t make you lose fat⠀

Should I keep going? If you have one burn it. Just eat right and exercise correctly. There are no short cuts in this lifestyle…if it seems to good to be true it probably is…

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5 thoughts on “Fitness Fads Driving Me Crazy

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my posts about planting garlic. I have browsed through your blog and have learned some things about getting fit. I am going to put some of your advice to use for myself.

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