Practice Delayed Gratification

We live in a world that is so obsessed with getting things NOW! We want to lose weight NOW, we want to build a booty NOW, and this causes us to get desperate and do stupid and dangerous things to our bodies (i.e. waist trainers, keto, crash diets, ridiculous hours of cardio etc.), but have you ever thought about what greater reward is waiting for you if you just say no the more immediate “reward”? That my friends is having the power to say no to instant gratification and yes to delayed gratification.⠀

I know recently, I had to struggle with this in my Masters. I originally wanted to finished in a year, but it, and be done with it. I eventually made the decision to finish in a year and a half and I regret NOTHING! An extra 6 months of learning and an extra 6 months to pick the brains of my professors.⠀

Think of an area in your life you may be denying a greater reward because you’re so obsessed with getting a reward now that you don’t realize the reward you’re getting doesn’t pale in comparison. Take the extra time to rest, to eat right, and not go for extremes in your diet and exercise. I promise you that your body will thank you long term.⠀

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