My Fitness Journey Part 2

4 Years of my journey, each year my goals, training, and diet changed causing my body to adapt accordingly in order to achieve those goals. ⠀
2014 and 145lbs: Compared to now I really had no idea what I was doing exercise wise, but I did know about food, hence my lack of muscle tone, but slender body. ⠀
2015 and 150 pounds: I was eating the same, but started crossfit, which started the beginning of my weight training. You can see that the weights started to pack on a small amount of mass especially in my quads, although that particular picture does no justice. Still was focused more on how i looked vs what my body could do. ⠀
April 2016 and 153 pounds: I had shifted over to powerlifting and had recently cut weight for a meet, but you can see that training specifically for strength added a substantial amount of mass, but because It wasn’t your hypertrophy/body building training I didn’t have that shredded physique the whole world is after for whatever reason.⠀
November 2016 and 165 pounds: I was dealing with an injury and hand surgery and had gone from lifting weights 5-6 times a week to nothing, but with the same appetite so there came the fluff. However I was still considered healthy and that was important to me! ⠀
2017 and 158 pounds: I came back from 2016 100% geared towards functional fitness, stopped caring about looks and started focusing on being able to go up the stairs, fixing my anterior displacement of my gleno-humeral joint, and balancing out my quad:hamstring strength. When your quads are too strong relative to your hamstrings as you age (80s) you become more susceptible to falling forward.⠀
2018: Completely focused on movement proficiency and a healthy diet, while living a little on the weekend.⠀
If you want to talk aesthetics, my favorite is 2018 because I no longer am dealing with back pain, I have substantially corrected my shoulder imbalance, and I can go up the stairs without huffing and puffing.⠀
Moral: Aesthetics will follow training modality. When you start to focus on movement and being functional, you’ll not only start to FEEL better, but look better. MOVEMENT FIRST, aesthetics after.⠀

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