New Outlook On Exercise

I challenge you to start looking at exercise as a means for improving your quality of life and not just as a means “to tone” your arms. ⠀

Did you know that exercise can reduce your risk of dying from⠀
-Cardiovascular Disease⠀
-Coronary Heart Disease⠀
-Colon Cancer⠀
-Type 2 Diabetes⠀

Exercise can be used for so much better than just “to tone.” I mean, if you or a loved one suffers from these diseases or it runs in the family, think about how many more moments with that person would mean to you because they or you decided to take control of their disease and manage it with proper exercise.⠀

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One thought on “New Outlook On Exercise

  1. Yes, exercise can improve your quality of life. Burn fat, tone muscles. Exercise releases endorphins and helps a body feel good. A body that feels good doesn’t have to turn to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and other harmful things to feel good. The pumped feeling gives a body energy and compels them not to sit around, being lazy, trying to find satisfaction surfing the internet. Activity burns fat rather than let it be stored, reducing weight and helping prevent cholesterol building in the arteries to endanger the heart. Muscles consume calories rather than let them be stored, reducing weight and blood pressure. Your body doesn’t care if you look “toned”. It cares if you give the effort to take care of it.


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