My Fitness Journey

In 2011, I started as a freshman at FIU, which included taking night classes and meant having to quit my 12 year tae kwon do journey and fitness altogether for awhile. I didn’t switch to the gym because I had never used one and I felt dumb walking into one not knowing what to do, at least that was my excuse and I held on to it until I watched myself go from 140 pounds to 170 pounds between 2012-2013. I became sluggish, my skin that I had worked so hard to clear up after puberty hormones gave me a pizza face, broke out again, and I hated not fitting into any of the clothes I’d been wearing for years. ⠀

I did every diet in the book (paleo, calorie counting, excessive caloric restriction (1200 calorie days), etc.) and nothing worked, because I viewed it as just what it was, a diet. While I was trying to get it together in the food department I got into crossfit for awhile before transitioning into powerlifting and now general fitness.⠀

I currently weigh 149 pounds (I did get down to 145 in 2014) and man has it been up and down. I am so grateful for every up and down in this fitness journey of mine because it has taught me everything I know today. Because of the downs I learned how to pick myself up and keep going. Learned how to have a good and healthy relationship with all foods (including donuts), maintain balance, and of course how to exercise.⠀

My greatest joy is applying the knowledge I’ve learned in school to be able to personally cater to every single one of my clients as well as knowledge from my own experience.⠀

If you’re currently like I used to be and just frustrated, don’t know where to begin and are looking for exercise, nutritional, or guidance in both departments shoot me a DM with your goals, I would LOVE to coach you. I know how satisfying it is to feel energized and happy because your have a healthy relationship with food and exercise.⠀⠀⠀⠀

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