Stop Exercising For Aesthetics

STOP exercising for aesthetics as the #1 reason behind why you workout. Aesthetics DOES NOT equal physiology. It isn’t even quantifiable. You can’t tell someone how big their bicep should be the way you can tell them loaded plyometrics shouldn’t exceed 5% of your body weight. You can’t make a 6 pack mandatory for everyone the way you can make healthy body fat mandatory for everyone because we know that being at a healthy body fat decreases your risk of metabolic disease and more…where as abs simply depend on your genetic propensity to store visceral fat⠀

Exercise is NEVER an independent variable for aesthetics. You can’t get away with just exercising to get to your aesthetic goal. You MUST eat right and also take into account your genetics. Exercise + Nutrition + Genetics = “Aesthetics” ⠀

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