Sticking to Your Exercise Program

Did you know sport psychologists have actually conducted research on why people begin exercising and why they do or do not stick to it? After 6 months, 50% of people who begin exercising, have quit!

We know that people begin exercising because they want to:

  • control their weight
  • reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease
  • reduce levels of anxiety and depression
  • enhance self esteem
  • socializing
  • because they enjoy it

The problem is people love to make excuses like:

  • lacking in motivation
  • perceived lack of time (number one documented excuse by the way)
  • no social support
  • lack of finance
  • feeling tired and lacking energy

Here’s why people struggle to adhere to their exercise program:

  • Sometimes trainers ignore a clients psychological readiness and focus on prescriptions solely based on fitness data without taking into account their mental state
  • trainers create an overly restrictive program
  • boring exercise prescriptions based on principles of intensity, duration, and frequency can be too much for beginners
  • traditional exercise prescription does not promote self-responsibility or empower long-term behavior

So what can we do as trainers or fitness goers to make sure we become part of the 50% who sticks to it?

  • Understand that life happens, plan for vacations, sudden deaths, last minute interferences–but do not let them derail you and defeat you
  • develop healthy coping strategies for dealing with stressful situation–i.e. do not eat your feelings
  • replace the work “should” with “want”  Should puts pressure and expectations on you.  How much better does I want to lose 10 pounds sound compared to I should lose 10 pounds?
  • Positive self-talk and avoiding negative self-talk is key!
  • identify situations that put you at risk for unhealthy behavior (possible bars, fast food restaurants, tail gates) and find a healthier solution (organic restaurants, farmers markets, going kayaking)
  • Do NOT view temporary lapses as catastrophic (for example “i already had a piece of cake and ruined my diet.  Might as well eat the whole cake and start over on Monday.”

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2 thoughts on “Sticking to Your Exercise Program

  1. I love how much of that self talk is empowering…so that instead making a person feel overwhelmed and helpless it says “YOU got this.” Like I SHOULD lose 10 pounds is giving me a choice and making me feel backed into corner…I I HAVE to lose 10 and I don’t then I feel like a failure and a mess, but if I SHOULD lose it and don’t then it feels more like I can just back up and keep going until I get there.
    Sometimes with some events (like family events with food) there’s no way to get out of it or change the venue, but you can still stay in control by bringing a few healthier options to share with everyone.


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