Get LetlerFit in 75- 30, 45, or 60 Minute Workouts

I am so excited to finally announce the release of my newest guide!  15 Months in the making (7 months of testing workouts, 3 months for editing and shooting, and 2 months to put together), but it is finally done and I could not be any more excited about my biggest guide to date!

Get LetlerFit in 75-30, 45, and 60 Minute Fat Loss workouts is designed for the people who have an inconsistent schedule and cannot commit to a full blown product. This person may also have time commitment inconsistencies, which is why I put together this guide. This guide in clouds 75 different exercises that can be done at home (depending on your equipment access) or at the gym. You can choose from 25 different 30 minute workouts, 25 different 45 minute workouts, and 25 different 60 minute workouts. Every workout is designed with fat loss in mind and can have you burning calories for up to 24 hours post workout! Each workout costs you $.66!!!

Equipment used: Dumbbells, Your Body, Barbell, Resistance Bands, Kettlebells, Boss Ball, Medicine Ball, Stepper, and Stability Ball

Start Burning Fat Now!


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