Treat Yo’Self 2018

One of the goals that I set for this year was to give priority to ME.  I have the tendency to fill my plate up with soooo many different responsibilities that I end up losing myself to the parts of my work that i dislike, to school, my pets (aka my children) and even my husband.  I put myself last, or at least I used to.

One of the ways I have given myself a little bit of me time every single day this year was by looking up pinterest “self care challenges” and writing one self care item on my “to do” list every day!  But every single week I have my non negotiables:

Every Sunday I unwind and mentally clear my mind before the week begins with a bubble bath and praise music.

On Mondays I do my nails, a facial, and a hair mask.

On Tuesdays, I exfoliate.

On Wednesdays, I go for a 30 min walk with my dog.  He’s a small/medium size dog who gets his exercise by running around outside and in my house so I don’t typically walk him everyday.  On this walk I go around my neighborhood and turn my phone on silent and put it in my pocket (I don’t leave it at my house for safety).

On Thursdays I stretch for an hour.

On Fridays I treat my taste buds to whatever was on my mind all week, whether it  be pizza, ice cream, donuts, etc.

and on Saturdays I enjoy time with my husband.  We both work full time and are full time graduate students, so finding quality time during the week is tricky.  So we make each other a priority on Saturdays.

By keeping with this schedule I have been able to reduce my levels of stress eating, anxiety, and over all positive mental health.  Exercise has been scientifically proven to help with mental health so of course, I make sure to not skip out on my exercise.

If you’re like me and have the tendency to put yourself last, I urge you to flip the switch.  It is NOT selfish to put yourself first.  How can you help others when you can’t even help yourself?

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One thought on “Treat Yo’Self 2018

  1. You are so right about putting yourself first. It isn’t selfish.if you don’t take care of yourself ,who will?thank you so much for liking my post on the Bronx Zoo. I always appreciate feedback from fellow bloggers .

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