On a Mission to Empower Women into Fitness

Yesterday, I received a DM from a man on instagram who was offended that my bio stated on a mission to  because he thinks my mission should be to empower both men and women.  This inspired today’s post.

I was a little take back after I read the DM mostly because usually I get X rated unsolicited DM’s from thirsty, desperate men.  This is definitely the first time I ever “offended” a male follower.

My mission is and always will be to empower women into fitness.  Why?  I am a woman, I enjoy working with women, and I am so over being sexualized (when my IG Feed is PG) by men.  Why would I want to empower the gender that for the most part leaves my in disgust on IG by what gets sent to me, said to me, etc.  In the past I have had several issues with men wanting to get coached by me and in the end, decide to do whatever they want because why take coaching from a woman (this is not a generalization because it does not happen all of the time) and that just pisses me off.

I believe women should be sticking together instead of tearing each other down.  I see far too many women criticizing other women online, but why?  What do you accomplish from that?  I also believe women are under far greater pressure to fit a certain look in order to be considered attractive.  By empowering other women into fitness, my goal is to also feel empowered by the body they were given, and to focus on becoming the best version of themselves without wanting to look like someone else.

I am always looking for women who are on the same mission to join my team of LetlerFit ambassadors.  If you vibe with female empowerment and fitness I would LOVE to have you join the team!

Email me! LetlerFit@gmail.com subject line: Empowered Ambassador

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