10 Pieces of Advice for Getting Over Your Biggest Fitness Hurdles

  1. Have a huge fitness goal?  i.e. losing 80 pounds?  When you first set a fitness goal like that it’s pretty overwhelming, but try breaking it down in increments of 5-10 pounds!  That not only sounds more doable, but mentally it’s more doable as well.
  2. Are you a scale addict?  Have someone in your house hide it from you and only give you access to it 1-2 times a month.  It’ll give you a chance to focus on changes in the way your clothing fits due to measurements changes and not changes on a scale.
  3. Baby Steps!  If you are someone starting off from the very beginning setting a goal like working out an hour a day 6 times a week, may not be very realistic. Start with 2-3x a week for 30 minutes and work you way up?
  4. Sugar addict? Quitting cold turkey doesn’t work for everyone. Focus on cutting back little by little each week.
  5. hire a trainer! Accountability goes a LONG way!  Plus, you are hopefully working out with someone who knows what they are doing so you should see accelerated results.  If you need help, I coach people ALL OVER THE WORLD! Just click here!
  6. Practice self-love.  Instead of criticizing yourself and telling yourself what you are trying to change at the gym, focus on what you LOVE about yourself and let the rest take care of itself with your workouts.
  7. Get a good night’s rest.  Lack of sleep actually inhibits weight loss and increases chances of weight gain and bloating.
  8. Restriction is the enemy, balance is your friend.  Get out of the yo-yo fitness mentality and into a more balanced lifestyles.
  9. Get yourself some cute workout clothes.  Sometimes something as simple as a pair of leggings and a killer tank can motivate you to get your booty in the gym…at least it does for me.  Shop LetlerFit Apparel
  10. Stop thinking of fitness as a chore, no one likes chores, but begin thinking of it as a hobby! Everyone loves their hobbies.

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