7 Pieces of Common Fitness Advice that are Completely Wrong

I did another one of these posts a while back, but today I wanted to bring you a different set of Fitness Myths:

  1. Fasted Cardio is Highly Effective:  Numerous studies on this matter are inconclusive on whether or not the benefits to fasted cardio outweigh the risk of glycogen depletion, light headedness, catabolism etc.  Eating the correct nutrients before your workout is what give you energy, contributes to fat loss, and makes for a more effective workout.  Fasted cardio makes you think you’re working harder but its because your rate of perceived exertion is increased due to your body running on fumes.
  2. Anyone can excel at whatever sport they want:  Actually we are all born with specific muscle fibers.  Elite sprinters probably won’t be seen winning a marathon…different fiber type composition.  Baseball pitchers probably won’t be seen winning gold as an olympic lifter.  Get your feet wet in a variety of sports and your body can tell you, which sports it was best meant to play, but not everyone is physically capable of becoming an olympian and don’t beat yourself up over it!
  3. Push through injuries:  The common walk it off mentality is AWFUL.  Sharp shooting pain is how our body signals us something is not right and unless you’re fighting in a career altering match or running in the finals at the olympics, injuries are not something you should just “walk off.”
  4. Avoid Cardio to Make Gains:  While excessive cardio is not good for the gains, we should all be doing some form of cardiovascular as the immunological, improved performance, increased recovery, and sooo many other benefits.
  5. Go 100% Every Single Day:  Our body NEEDS rest, for some it’s in the form of active rest, but it is considered rest nonetheless….if we expect our body to perform at 100 everyday there is no time for your muscles to repair and grow.  Not allowing for proper recovery also increases stress levels in our body which can lead to gut inflammation and illness.
  6. Squats Are Bad For your Knees: Bad form is bad for your knees.  Squats are an incredibly effective compound exercise, I use them often for even my elderly clients.
  7. Ab Exercises are What Give you Abs:  Did you know some people with 6 packs don’t do a single crunch, russian twist, or sit up? Shocking I know.  While those exercises may contribute to enhancing a reduced waistline brought on by clean diet…they are not necessary.  A heavy squat, properly lunge paired with a medicine ball rotation, even a bent over row are highly effective exercises for your abs.  Genetics and diet go a longer way in improving the appearance of your abdomen.

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