4 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated To Workout

Working out is hard!  Feeling sore, sweaty, and smelly is not in the least bit glamorous.  At the end of the day a workout is typically 60 minutes or less out of your 24 hour day, so there’s really no reason you can’t set aside 3-5x a week where you make yourself and your goals a priority.  Here are 4 ways that I stay motivated, ways that work for ME and hopefully can work for YOU!

  1. I do what I like.  For example I HATE running, I HATE low intensity steady state cardio, I am not a major fan of yoga for myself.  Keep in mind I am not saying none of those have their benefits, because they do.  I just hate doing them for myself so instead I stick to what I love, weight training, interval training, and circuits.  You are more inclined to make what you enjoy a priority.
  2. This next method is a little vane, but it works in the short term. I buy an article of clothing that wearing it would require me to stay consistent in order to make the clothes/outfit look better.  It’s a great tactic to get me through those short term bouts of feeling lazy.  But you do need to hang it somewhere you will be constantly reminded.
  3. I don’t just set weight goals.  Sometimes the scale is not an accurate results provider, so instead I’ll make a goal like “I want to get my waist down to 27in” or “I want to gain 2in on my glutes” or less vane goals like “I want to get my squat back up to double body weight” “I want to be able to hit _____ rounds in this circuit”  This way we aren’t just fixated on the number
  4. Lastly, I am very much motivated by the fact that I am one of the first in my family to really make health and fitness a consistent part of their lifestyle.  I want to continue to do so because many before me let themselves go for a bit and are now scrambling to get it together.  I want to physically set the example for what a consistent health and fitness lifestyle during your 20s, 30s, 40s, and so on will do for you as you age.

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