5 Unusual Places You Can Go To Get An Amazing Workout

The gym is not the only place where you can go to get your days workout in!  You can go to…

  1. The Park:  The benches and fences make some great make shift equipment
  2. Living Room:  Grab some dumbbells and/or resistance bands and get going!
  3. Backyard:  Great for a quick body weight workout!  Do you have heavy planters?  Throw them up for some overhead squats.
  4. Bleachers/Stairs:  They can turn into a real life stair master….and just like the stair master it can get real very quickly!
  5. The beach:  Walking, let alone running in the sand can be a major workout!  Even swimming in the ocean.

Would love to know the most interesting places you all have worked out at!

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